EA Tablet

The EA Tablet® is the first tablet based electronic pollbook on the market that follows Election Industry standards.

  • Scan driver licenses or Voter ID cards
  • Search by last name, first name, date of birth, and/or voter id number manually
  • Collect, save, and archive signatures pages along with voter history
  • Continuous real-time backup of voter history to a micro SD Card
  • Street Search capabilities

Benefits of the EA Tablet® over the laptop based solution:

  • Small form factor, great for storing and transport
  • Less poll worker setup
  • Quicker to train poll workers
  • Even more cost effective

Advanced Hardware

  • Up to a 8 Megapixel camera with flash to provide the best scans
  • Fastest tablet processor on the market
  • Patent-pending electronic pollbook stand made to optimize scanning
  • Drag and drop software and data installation via USB, no syncing software required
  • Custom electronic pollbook stand made by EA to optimize scanning and portability
Tablet running Election Administrators software. Tablet running Election Administrators software.